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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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t2 - 日本語

On the subpages are a few recipes I've collected together from various sources. Some of them are more or less unchanged but don't come from online sources, like my mother's ris à l'amande, others may have an online source, but I've changed them to my taste or according to the recommendations of friends. Most of the recipes are in Danish.

On this page are links to places to eat in Copenhagen, that I have either tried and can recommend for some reason or other, or that I've had recommended to me, and want to try. Finally here are some links to interesting food sites.


This section is strictly alphabetic.

    Restaurant Banzai
    Yuji used to work there, several of my friends have recommended it, and it is a really nice place run by a Danish/Japanese couple. They have some of the usual Japanese dishes as well as some Aichi specialties. And Yuji worked here when he was on exchange.
    Bento Restaurant and Cocktail Bar
    Very nice and "authentic" - in atmosphere more than interior design - small family run restaurant. The price level has gone up a bit and as of Summer of 2012 is around 300 for a full evening meal, but both the presentation and the service is still in top and worth a visit.
    Very nice little sushi shop. I've been here a couple of times, last in Summer of 2012. The selection is nothing like Japan of course, but the fish that are there are well chosen, and both the preparation and general feel of the place is very genuine. Mariko san used to work here, and lots of Japanese is spoken. And the sesame ice is delicious.
    Tokyo Restaurant
    About the same price level as Bento used to be (if they haven't raised the prices here as well - of course you could always go for a bowl of ramen, which is comparatively cheap), this is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen. It may have a more obvious Japanese style, but not quite the same intimate feel to it. One of their specialties is the sukiyaki, prepared at the table by the staff. Tea is no extra charge, or at least it was, when I was last there, some time in the spring of 2010. Also Hiromi worked here for a while.


Also alphabetic:

  • Restaurant Kyoto Bent's workplace at some point, I think, same owner as below
  • Sukiyaki Restaurant recommended by Bent, Kamiya san used to work here
  • Sushi Day not exactly Japanese, but Christina has spoken warmly of the place
    Falkoner Allé 102, 3522 0028


    Noodle House
    Axi and Bent recommended this to me. I'd describe it as an eatery rather than a restaurant. The food is good and feels like very authentic every-day Chinese food. You'll find lots of stuff here you may not recognize from the normal Chinese restaurants in Denmark. The place feels just as authentic in it's every-day undecorated manner, and if it weren't for the complete lack of bamboo scaffolding outside the window, I could almost believe I was back in Hong Kong. I'm not the only one to like this place.
    Tea Restaurant
    Good Chinese restaurant, with fair prices around 200 for a set meal, but you can save a lot if you share a few dishes and leave out the dessert. As the name implies, they have a good selection of teas to go with the meal.
    Hao's Noodles
    Actually the same restaurant as above in Helgolandsgade, but for lunchtime it's called Hao's Noodles and serves some very delicious and reasonably priced noodle soups. I should go again soon, as I've only been there once, with Aiko back in the Summer of 2011.
    Hing's Cuisine
    Very nice Chinese restaurant, they have a set dinner for 200, but you can also share a few main dishes and end up fully satisfied for considerably less. I was there with Andy and Natsumi back in Autumn of 2010.
    Chinese restaurant in the cheap end, maybe 120-150 or so, but good quality for the money, and central location. Best to go several people at once, as you can try more things that way, and there is a lot to try.

Other eating in Copenhagen

    Ban Gaw
    According to a half Thai friend of mine, the food here is quite authentic, and I can say for sure it is far better than any other Thai food I've had in Copenhagen. Prices can be kept down as usual by sharing a few dishes, so expect around 110-150 to eat your fill. There are some dishes offered only on the Thai language menu, such as the spicy soup - though very very delicious it may be a bit too strong for most people - and lahb bped, a spicy chopped duck salad, not too spicy though, and again very delicious. Apparently it may be best to avoid their take-away, it's not their strong side.
    Very nice burger café, they also serve a good brunch. Price level is rather low for café burgers in the afternoon, and the quality is rather high with a wide variety of burgers to choose from. In the evening the prices are a little higher, as the chips are no longer optional - a pity, as they're not really worth the difference, but it's still fair value.
    Paludan Bogcafé
    This used to be simply a bookstore with new as well as antiquarian books, but it has been converted into a café and bookstore. I've only tried their brunch, which is good, but the best part of it is that you can eat while surrounded by old books. It has a great atmosphere!
    La Galette
    Very nice French crêpe café. Price level is reasonable - I was there with three friends, and we had a main course pancake each, two dessert pancakes to share and something light to drink, all for around 140 per person. If you're very hungry or particularly fuzzy about exotic ingredients, it can be somewhat more, but though they look thin, the pancakes rest pleasantly in your stomach. If you need a recommendation, try something with goat cheese for the main course and a pancake flambéed in Calvados and with a lump of ice for dessert.
    They claim to have the best pizzeria in Copenhagen. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but it's the best I know. You can eat by the one little table in the shop or the one even smaller table outside, or you can take your pizza over to Kongens Have and enjoy it there.
    Spigad'oro Italiano Due
    Nicely placed pizzeria in Kompagnistræde. Not the cheapest of places, but the pizzas are good, with a very extensive range of good toppings both vegetable and meat. You can see the menu here.
    Konya Kebab (Istedgade)
    Good place to experience a greater variety of Turkish fast food dishes than just the usual kebab. And you get the genuine feel too, with neon tubes in the ceiling and plastic on the tables. No tongue in cheek, it's a very nice place, try their Turkish pizza for instance. Lots of local immigrants in the place, vouching for the quality.
    Bibi's Diner
    Very nice little falafel and shawarma shop for a light afternoon or early evening meal close to Nørreport. For the center of Copenhagen the pita sandwiches are not expensive, and the quality is higher than most shawarma places.
    Shawarma Grill house
    Very close to Rådhuspladsen, this is the oldest shawarma place in Denmark. It's also good, open very late, and the service is fast. For the area, a shawarma is not expensive, but if you want extras it quickly adds up. The best value is probably sharing a shawarma meal between two. More classic style than Bibi's.
    Galathea Kroen
    It's been quite a while since I went here, so I don't remember much of the place, but they serve mainly Danish dishes as well as their specialty the Dutch rijstaffel.


Various Websites

    Claus Meyer
    Claus Meyer is a famous chef in Denmark. He also sells a variety of pretty good specialty food stuffs. On this site there are also some restaurant reviews.
    Just Hungry and Just Bento
    Two connected sites with Japanese recipes and tips for cooking. Based mostly on Japanese home cooking, the recipes are tuned a bit to be reproducible outside Japan.

And a Few Recipes

    How to Make Kim Chi
    I've had some success with this recipe even though I used the wrong kind of chili powder the first few times. However with the proper Korean style chili powder, it is really really yummy! Usually I just blend everything except of course the cabbage and spring onions, and the chili powder I only put in the blender for a quick stir once everything else has been blended, so as not to mash up the little flakes too much. I often substitute some of the ingredients with something else, and that even includes the cabbage! Also I may use a little less water and happily a whole apple and pear rather than halves.

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